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Monday, October 10, 2005

"The Age Of (fill in the blank)"
Any detailed observation of the good ole' U.S. of A. would lend creditability to the theory that we are about to enter one of those mysterious "ages" we read so much about when we were kids. You remember those, don't you ?
Remember how we read in grade school about how we went from a farm based society to an industrial based one ? That one was called the "Industrial Age". We have actually lived through the next one. Remember the "Information Age" ?
Even when I was a kid, I used to be puzzled by the lack of detail they taught us in school about what life was like in this country as it was changing from everybody living on a farm to everybody living ( or wanting to live ) in the city.
I mean, you have to figure that there was a drastic change in everything. Changing from waking up to a field of cows to a subway full of people had to be a pretty radical change. Right ?
Now that we've lived in the "Information Age" for a couple of decades, I think I get why we weren't taught much about the changes in everyday life when our country was leaving the farming way of life and entering the city way of life.
I'll bet that, in general, nobody even noticed that we were changing. I base that "theory" on the fact that just about everything that used to be a big deal in our everyday lives, over the last fifty years or so, is changing or disappearing and nobody seems to notice or be bothered by it.
Things like the automobile industry, the airline industry, the medical profession, the banking industry, the post office, and institutions of higher learning used to be taken for granted as being as solid and dependable as water to drink and air to breathe. These days, all of these entities are either shaky, going down, or fading into the woodwork, and it doesn't seem to cause even a ripple in the pool of public concern.
Since all these things were as central to our society as farms were when we all were farmers and now seem to be fading from the list of things we think are important, it stands to reason that in the near future something else will probably take their place. I wonder what it will be ?
What will be the next age ? We've done farming, we've done industry, and we've done information; what's left ? I have some guesses based on what I've been seeing going on around me lately. Maybe we'll enter the
"Age Of Secession". that could be interesting if we had fifty individual countries instead of one big one. Heck, absolutely nobody gets along or agrees on anything. It might be productive as well as entertaining watching the population divide into fifty different groups. Of course, that might mean we would be in the "Age Of Entertainment" since we seem to be tilted more to the entertaining than the productive, as a nation.
Anyway, if there's anything you think you might miss when the new "Age Of (fill in the blank )" comes, you might want to stash some away or jot down what it is ( or was ) because according to history nobody will remember any of the details of the change once the change is complete. You heard it here first; don't forget that.


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