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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Don't Need No Gas!
So much has been made about the amount of advance warning those devastated by hurricane Katrina had ( and how they had no excuse for being caught off guard by the storm, because of that warning ) that many now assure us that we will never be caught off guard by a disasterous event that we have been warned about again. *
When I first heard the news that we can expect heating oil prices to jump a good 50% and natural gas prices to jump a good 70% this winter, my first thoughts were, "Oh No! What will we do ?".
Then I thought to myself, " No, we have thirty, maybe sixty days, before the really cold weather hits, and we have been warned. Surely, everyone who has heard the warnings will gear up and deal with the increased heating costs that will average about 60%".
We've also been repeatedly warned that gasoline prices could be four or five dollars a gallon by winter. Add that to a 60 % rise in heating costs, and we could easily be paying 70 to 80 % more, on average, to heat our homes and drive our vehicles.
That could be an economic disaster! But, that would only happen if we hadn't been warned in advance, right ? That's what I thought. Nothing beats a good plan, especially when you have plenty of advance warning to build your plan around.
I'm still working on the fine details of my own personal plan, but the plan is in motion. So far, I've drafted a plan that calls for burning "extra" furniture in the fireplace, and running my car on that generic mouthwash that looks like Listerine. I know my plan requires more depth, but I feel good about what I've got so far.

* Since hurricane Wilma hasn't reached shore yet, lack of response to advance warnings figures are not available.


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