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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Fact: a thing known to be true

Since the days of George Washington, we've been complaining about all the things Presidents get away with. The truth ( aka fact ) is, no President gets away with anything.
Whatever a President does or doesn't do is a direct reflection of the depth of participation the people of this country have, as a whole.
Recently, the question was raised as to whether the "in your face"
attitude of President Bush was real and if it was, how did he "get away with it " ?
The "in your face" attitude the President has really is there, but it's certainly not restricted to the way he presents himself. Intimidating posture and language is what pop culture is currently based on. Tune into any television show, music video, video game, or hit movie, and chances are you will see a version of the same " in your face" attitude that President Bush bases his "stage act" on.
His public persona is based on the old slogan,"talk the talk and walk the walk" but like the rest of today's pop culture, it's only based on it. Our attention span is so short, as a nation,that we are only attracted to the "talk the talk" part of the cliche. Nobody, in general, has the time or desire to get up out of their chair, let alone "walk the walk", these days.
The President's act is a direct reflection of pop culture and he and his advisers mold that image to fit what the majority of the public is asking for. This is not something new; it's as old as the office of the President itself. The amount of superficial posturing involved, this time around, is no different from anywhere else it appears in today's culture.
Everything in our pop culture today attracts its audience's interest by threatening to kick that audience's ass. It is possible to observe something without passing judgment on it (believe it or not !). Without judging whether it is a good or bad thing, consider pop television, video games and movies.
Most of them center around people being killed or having been killed.The number of "good" people killed is usually equal to the number of "bad" people being killed. The only difference being that the "bad" guy is usually the last one killed.Along the way, the audience is invited to identify with either (or both ?) the good and the bad guys.
When describing ourselves, we tend to call ourselves either good or bad. Since our pop entertainment currently focuses on both the good and the bad getting their "asses kicked", it's pretty safe to say that pop entertainment today is heavily based on an "in your face" point of view.
The President wanting to please, "all the people all the time" come election time, is simply running todays pop culture selling points through his image making machinery and giving us back what we are asking for. The next President will do the same thing.
Here's the scary part. We never seem to notice that any given President reflects the citizens they govern. We do not follow the President, the President follows us ! Since "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" those who seek the office of the President are akin to the celebrity impersonators that used to be on the old "Ed Sullivan Show". The only difference is they are impersonating the audience that is watching them.


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