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Friday, October 07, 2005

Politics Classic:
We,the people,should not be above adopting things that work, even if they come from a source that was formerly trying to screw us. The biggest issue facing the left and the right is their respective party's inability to acknowledge their mistakes. As a result, every mistake remains in place and is augmented by a lie. This leads to more lies, the end result of which is failure and destruction.
We often hear of Corporate America and national politics being one and the same. While in many cases this is true, there is one huge difference.
Although reluctantly, when Corporate America screws up in their relationship with their customers, they will admit they were wrong
( not because they are ethical, but because it will hurt them in the pocket book if they keep lying once their customers have said, "This idea stinks, and we don't want it).
Do they come right out and say, " Our new idea had nothing to do with improving our product; we just wanted to get more money from you by reinventing a product you were already happy with."? Of course not, they simply reintroduce a version of the original product and call it "classic".
This probably would be a good solution to the current dilemma with President Bush's nomination of Harriet Meirs to the Supreme Court. It seems like both Republicans and Democrats are more than a little uneasy about it. But, how does Mr. Bush get out of it without saying, "I was wrong to nominate her. "?
Once upon a time in the "classic" world of politics,high ranking elected leaders often didn't do things if they had "the appearance of impropriety", simply because they risked losing customers (aka voters)
if they did.
If Washington would simply announce the return of "Politics Classic*", President Bush could remove his nomination and avoid saying he was wrong ,and we the customers would be a whole kot happier. WARNING: see footnote

* It should be noted that labeling a product "classic" is only a psychological improvement for the customer. There is no guarantee of the original product returning.
Example: Coke Classic is not the classic version of Coke from when I was a kid. Coke, in my day, was sweetened with sugar, came in glass bottles, was very cold, and had a lot of carbonation. It was refreshing and it quenched my thirst.
By the seventies cans began to replace bottles, which meant a loss of carbonation ( while drinking ). Stores that sold Coke began turning down the temperatures of their coolers, and corn syrup replaced sugar as the sweetener in Coke. Corn syrup not only doesn't quench your thirst, it actually makes you thirstier.
Coke Classic is no form of Coke that is classic to me.


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