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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Priceless !
Very few citizens are opposed to sending whatever help is needed to rebuild the areas of our country devastated by the recent hurricanes. However, there has been some talk,lately, questioning the wisdom of our nation borrowing the money for this relief from other nations. I doubt this talk will gather much attention or action, and here's why.
When someone does something, they always have a core reason that supercedes and contributes to the publicized reason for what they do. In the case of hurricane relief, money is being spent by the President and Congress because the American people want help to be sent to the areas devastated. While that explains why the money is being spent, it does not explain why the money is being borrowed to finance the help being sent.
The money being spent for hurricane relief is being borrowed from sources outside this country because both the President and Congress know that the majority of citizens who vote are more than comfortable with financing things "credit card-style".
There is a very large section of our voting public that believes once you hold an object in your hands, you own it; and any money you may owe on it is at your discretion to pay or ignore.
If the President and Congress know (and they do) that the people who vote for them are very comfortable with huge amounts of personal debt, why shouldn't they use credit and future debt to give the voting public the feeling of helping their fellow citizens without any immediate sacrifice ?
" The feeling of helping your fellow citizens without immediate personal sacrifice, Priceless."
Not until the voting public rejects perpetual debt in their personal lives will any elected leaders shy away from it. That's simply the truth.


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