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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

"The dumbing down of America" is a phrase that probably rings a bell in most people's heads, but probably doesn't connect to anything in particular when it does.
While the posturing of Tom Delay's statements to the press concerning his indictments may seem absurd, it would be very educational to even Delay's worst enemies to ponder why he is using them without batting an eye.
If Delay is convicted, his statements will be looked back on by history as a "last desperate attempt by a desperate man". Coming to this conclusion would be a case of making the crime fit the evidence.
There is another old saying, "Go with what works". In the past
"simplistic finger pointing accusations" have worked very well for Delay. However, Delay is not alone in having great success with "simplistic finger pointing accusations". The cynics in the crowd will say, "I agree; all the Republicans use them".
Sure they do, but what about our friends the Democrats ? Do they not simply point at the Republicans and yell, "bad,bad!"? And, doesn't it work pretty darn well for them when they do ?
"Simplistic finger pointing accusations" are the cornerstone of both parties' policies. Why ? Because they work ! Dig up a copy of "The Bride Of Frankenstein" and see if scene where the villagers are chasing the monster up the mountain while they wave their torches doesn't accurately reflect today's political culture. And, darned if that scene doesn't start out with good ol' "simplistic finger pointing accusations".
Every politician knows that the quickest, easiest way to get the crowd on their side is to convince the crowd that they better go get the monster before the monster gets them. Once the crowd buys into that message, they ask no questions, and they throw anybody who does ask questions into the same boat as the monster.
It used to work for Delay. It may not work for him any more, but the practice itself of using "simplistic finger pointing accusations" as a fast track to the good life politically is alive and well and doing better than ever.


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