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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Where Does Hope Come From ?
Hope is the desire to succeed in the present, while working toward succeeding in the future. This may sound like a no-brainer, but lack of this appraoch is a real problem these days, especially within our two-party system.
Both parties currently represent what happens when you only want to succeed in the present and totally ignore the future. The cause for this approach is the selfishness, greed, and jealousy, that is triggered by immature people in positions of power ( read, " Lord Of The Flies " ).
The key to stopping this abuse of power is realizing that not only do politicians of both parties operate this way, but so do most of us out there who vote.
Of the three; selfishness, greed, and jealousy, the most destructive and dangerous is jealousy. The reason for this is apparently because it is our own future generations that we are jealous of.
Both voters and politicians seem to resent the idea that future generations might have more than they have. How else do we explain why planning for the future is all but obsolete by both voters and politicians ?
Just like a parent should want and plan for their child to have a better life, we should want and plan for future generations to have a better country. This is the only way succeeding in the present, while working toward succeeding in the future has ever worked in the history of mandkind. In other words, this is where hope comes from.


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