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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Bar bet winning quality rock trivia:
Next July will be the 20th anniversary of date between Rogers Nelson,28 and Lisa Barber,20. They only went out once. They went to see a movie on their date.The date took place in Sheridan Wyoming.
Mr. Nelson was supposed to pick up Ms. Barber at 6 p.m.on the evening of their date, he was 15 miuntes late. Mr. Nelson arrived a white Buick convertible, which he drove,when he picked up Ms. Barber at her mother's home.
The couple drove to Sheridan's Centennial Twin theater to watch the movie they were going to see. Mr. Nelson and Ms. Barber sat in the back row. By all accounts Mr. Nelson was a perfect gentleman on his date that night. Later Ms. Barber would remark, " There was one time during the movie when he played with my hair and he put his arm around me. But that's all he did. Honest." When the movie was over, Mr. Nelson took Ms. Barber home, dropped her off, and they never dated again. Yet, this date was newswothy enough to recieve a cover story in People magazine and a six page article with nine pictures.
Question: Who were these people and why all the fuss ?
Answer: From the "you couldn't do that these days" file.
In 1986 twenty year-old Lisa Barber (who was working as a hotel maid at the time) won a contest on MTV by being the 10,000th caller to call in. What did she win ? She won a date with Rogers Nelson also known as Prince to see a movie in her hometown with Prince.
Not just any movie, but the world premier Prince's then new movie called " Under the Cherry Moon".
So in the summer of 1986 Sheidan Wyoming's Centennial Twin theater saw a world premier of a movie with an audience of 800 which included at least one former Playboy Bunny and singers Joni Mitchell and Ray Parker Jr.,among others.
*fun facts:
Sheridan Wyoming's population as of 2002: 15,804
Does the Centennial Twin theater still exist ? There is a Centennial Theater in Seridan located at 36 East Alger St.
Google "Lisa Barber"Prince, and you still come up with almost 100 web pages.


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