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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Carter On NOW:
On Friday November 4th, former President Jimmy Carter appeared on the PBS program NOW. His message was simple and direct.
Mr. Carter has dedicated this stage of his life to making the world a better place to live for all of us by raising the health standards in the world's poorest countries. He makes a strong case ,on many levels, as to why it would be a benefit to all of us to see the entire world healthy.
Since he no longer relies on getting elected in order to get things done he can speak the truth when needed. In his interview he stated that he views religious fundamentalist who use political pressure to advance their ideology as simply being wrong. Not in their basic views but in how they go about forcing others to follow them.
In my time on this planet, it seems like every time people are forced to do something ( even if those doing the forcing feel they are right ) it sets the stage for a backlash as soon as an opening presents itself.
The death and destruction of AIDS, for instance, would come to a complete halt if people around the world stopped having casual, unprotected sex, but denying them help unless they do that won't work. The reason is simple. Every single human on the face of the planet is loaded with flaws. If some of those humans use force to get other humans to do something it draws attention to the flaws of those doing the forcing.
This then builds a resentment in those being forced to do things a certain way. Most of the time this results in the people whose behavior is being controlled doing more of what is trying to be controlled, not less.
It seems to me that Mr. Carter gets this and is not only willing to do things the right way, but he is now old enough and wise enough to
"Tell it like it is".
To cure the world's health crisises we need role models, not police.


Anonymous Jim said...

I find your comments rather amusing since the very existance of a civil society depends upon it's citizen's being forced to do things they would not otherwise do. Food companies are forced by law to observe a myriad of sanitation laws and most of the public if very glad. Criminals are forced to live in confinment for a period of time, and we are all glad. We are forced to drive on a particular side of the road, stop at red lights etc. etc. If the keeping of these laws and hundreds more create resentment in some, tough luck. We enforce them anyway for the good of society. Let everyone become a law unto himself and a rather civilized country will quickly degenerate into anarachy.

9:36 PM  

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