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Thursday, November 03, 2005

"Shooting shocks neighbors"
Cincinnati Enquirer November 2, 2005

East Price Hill - The shooting of an 84-year-old man during a robbery attempt by four young men posing as trick-or-treaters has shocked residents of quiet Terry Street, but they acknowledge that crime seems to be increasing in the neighborhood.
"We've never had any kind of trouble," 78-year-old Rosemary Davis, a Terry Street resident for 30 years, said Tuesday. "We're all good neighbors." "This is really a quiet street for the most part," said neighbor John Hines of the two-block side street located off both sides of West Eighth Street.
Charles Iles, of the 800 block of Terry Street, remained in critical but stable condition at University Hospital Tuesday. Police said three or four young men posing as trick-or-treaters knocked on the door of the Iles residence about 8:55 p.m. Monday. When the victim's wife told them they were no longer giving out candy, the intruders forced their way into the house.
When Iles reached for the telephone to call police, one of the suspects shot him twice in the chest, police said. The young men fled without taking anything.

These are my words:
O.K., this absolutely stinks ! A couple in their 80's should be able to enjoy their home and know that they are safe there. This goes way beyond what the responsibilities of local, state, and federal government are or any liberal/conservative rhetoric.
Every single law abiding, hometown loving, citizen must voice their outrage every time a horrendous act of cowardice like this happens.
Not just in your neighborhood, but in any neighborhood in this country, or the world for that matter..
We cannot simply sit back and chalk it up to another example of how bad things have gotten. We need to send the word out to the fools who do these kind of things that we, as a community, are going to find them and prove to them that these actions will not go unanswered.
I do not know Charles Iles or his wife, but I did make the effort to find out what their address was and send them a card that basically said how wrong what happened to them was, and how much we hoped and prayed that Charles pulled through.
How much effort does it take to let the victims of senseless violence know that you think what happened to them was wrong ? Maybe we can't go out and chase down the bad guys, but that doesn't mean we can't try to undo some of the damage they have done.
If you would like to send the Iles family a card or letter e-mail me and I'll give you the address.


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