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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Yesterday Or When ?
While not quite the household name that Time or Newsweek is, U.S. News & World Report is the name of a news magazine many of us should recognize, since it has been around since 1948. So, if I were to describe Vol. XCI No. 8 August 24, you shouldn't have too much of a problem guessing what year ( within a few years, one way or the other ) it was published, should you ? The cover story was a hot topical subject, as were most of the smaller stories the issue covered.
The cover story was titled, " Hispanics Make Their Move"; it appeared on page 60. Here are a few quotes from the article.
" Latin leaders paint a picture of a people on the move-young, agressive and hungry for their rightful share of the American dream. Pointing to a Hispanic population that has grown by more than 60 percent in the last decade to nearly 15 million-a faster increase than that of any major ethnic group-these same standard-bearers talk of a storehouse of "brown power" pent up for years and ready to break loose."
"Electing more Hispanics is a key goal, as the group is vastly underrepresented even in areas where their numbers are great. Only six Hispanics serve in Congress-all in the house."
On page 14 of Vol. XCI, No. 8, there is an article titled, " How Safe Are Our Airways ?". Here are a few quotes from that article.
" The question of whether U.S. airspace is safe has ballooned into an issue of worldwide dispute."
" Within the airline industry, passenger business was reported on the rise again as flight schedules regained a semblance of order."
" Our phone's been ringing off the hook," said Tom Matthews, board chairman of the 100,000 member Airline Passengers Association. "There are two emotions members are expressing: willingness to suffer the inconvenience of reduced flight schedules as long as they know the system is safe. Many even say, "I'd suffer more inconvenience in order to make it safe."
On page 7 of Vol. XCI, No. 8, there is an article titled, " Corruption's Price: Prison, Disgrace ". Here are a few quotes from that article.
" Prison terms imposed on three former congressmen represented the most dramatic example yet of a warning that the Justice Department is spreading to officeholders across the country: Break the law, and you will go to jail."
" Both the House speaker and the Senate majority leader in the state of Washington were sentenced to five years in jail for scheming to make money from a plan to legalize gambling. A former Louisana state offical was convicted of conspiracy in a bribery case involving a crime figure and a state insurance contact. Former Representative Charles Carney
( D-Ohio ) was indicted for allegedly buying goods on the tab of an oil company that tried to influence him."
Finally, here are just some of the headlines from other articles in Vol. XCI, No. 8:
" How Tax Dodgers Challenge IRS"
" When Presidents Go On Vacation"
" Africa's Bleak Outpost Of East-West Rivalry"
" Will Economic Woes Stir Social Turmoil In Europe ?"
" New Finds Cast Fresh Light On The Bible"
" Behind Widening Split Among OPEC Nations"
" Who Tax Cuts Will Help Most"
Even if you are a casual observer of current events, you should be able to peg the year Vol. XCI No. 8 was published. After all, these subjects are just about as fresh as yesterday's paper. But, being fair-minded, I will offer two hints:
1. It was not 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, or 2005.
2. (and it's a doozy ) Many of the people who were born in the year Vol. XCI, No. 8 was published now have children in the first grade.
That's right, do the math. Vol. XCI No. 8 of U.S. News & World Report was published on August 24, 1981, proving once again that the more things change, the more they stay the same.
PS: "How Safe Are Our Airways" covered the aftermath of the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization- PATCO strike. Remember that one ?
" Corruption's Price: Prison,Disgrace" covered the Abscam scandal and other related crimes in office. Remember that one ?


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