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I know very little about myself. If I did know myself better, I probably wouldn't be doing this.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Dear, (person who knows and likes another) *
Here's wishing that everyone has a
( 1. laughing and gay, full of fun )
( 2. religious and festive season before and after Christmas Day; Yule; Yuletide )
( 3. feeling as a person does when he is well and having a good time )
( 4. never having been before; now first made, thought out, known or heard of, felt, or discovered )
( 5. 12 months or 365 days; January 1 to December 31, Leap year has 366 days )

* friend
1. merry
2. Christmas
3. happy
4. new
5. year

- Season's Greetings from "Land Of Lawyers Inc. Ltd."-


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