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Saturday, December 10, 2005

From: Tuesday, April 8, 2003
"Oh yeah ? Then what about over here ?"
There is a strange phenomenon that revolves around the human experience. Some call it religion, some call it fate, some call it irony, the sarcastic among us call it a cosmic joke. In all cases it is usually represented by an event that challenges the intent/or motives of something we humans have done. What is truely startling about the event is the fact that it always appears to happen on its own. Although we attempt to ignore it, we never really can.
The entire world is watching the conflict in Iraq as you read this. It seems every nation on the planet has an opinion on the fight. Whether those nations are for or against the conflict they seem to agree that the human rights violations taking place in Iraq are not tolerable.
Oil, politics, and money have all been denounced as motives for the conflict. Recent discoveries seem to prove that some really nasty things have been going on in Iraq.
Diplomatic solutions are being sought in other parts of the world where violence, or the threat of violence, is a way of life. In every case the respect for human life is being presented as the reason these conflicts must be resolved. You can probably name most of the trouble spots without thinking very long.
Stopping violence in the name of respect for human life sure sounds like we humans have finally got it. Enter the aforementioned "event".
The civil war in Nairobi, Kenya is in its fifth year. last week alone almost 1,000 people were killed. After five years, the U.N. isn't even quite sure who's killing who.
It seems the attackers, and those being attacked include women, children, and men. In other words, everybody is killing everybody else. For the most part, Nairobi offers no monetary benefits to the outside world. If religion,fate,irony, or cosmic joke challenges our human motives, then the events in Nairobi are the granddaddy of them all.
Remember the U.N. only represents the world we live in; the world is actually populated by individuals. The harder the world tries to convince itself that it is made up of individual pockets of people that are not affected by any of the other pockets out there, the more situations like Nairobi will pop up.
Whether you call it religion,fate,irony, or cosmic joke it all seems to point out the fact that more often than not we do things because we have to, but say we are doing them because we want to.
The entire world should be concerned about the killing in Nairobi as it is any other place in the world. If respect for human life is the motivation to stop violence, wouldn't a place that had nothing but human life to offer the world be the place to make the world prove that its motives are pure ?

* I wrote this at 9 o'clock in the morning, two years and eight months ago. As I re-read it I realize it has a sketch-like feel to it. Until I came across my copy this morning, I had totally forgotten the fact that I wrote it. The question I find myself asking myself is "Has the world changed in the last two plus years ?"
My answer ( to myself ) is " I really don't know ". What I do know, is that senseless killings are still going on around the world. I also know that the only ones anyone seems to have an interest in stopping are the ones that would benefit them financially or security-wise.
Wouldn't it make quite a statement based in religion,fate, irony, or cosmic joke if the reason the sensless killings around the world won't stop is because the simple fact that they are wrong is not a good enough reason for the entire world to put a stop to them wherever and for whatever reason they happen ?


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