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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Manditory Apartment Life:
Forget about two or four years of manditory military service for all high school graduates. If the goal is to give these young men and women experience in the real world, teach them discipline, and help them be better citizens instead of Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines simply make it manditory for all high school graduates to live in a poorly built apartment building with fellow tenants they have nothing in common with for two or four years.
Nothing, and I mean nothing, teaches how to survive the sea of diverse humanity that we call America better than a stint in an apartment building with walls so thin you can hear your neighbor think. Nothing better teaches that no matter how many psychology or civic classes one might have had in high school, none of them prepare us for the off the chart personality types that live either upstairs, downstairs, or across the hall in the average apartment building.
We are wasting valuable time and money trying to convince high school students the value of a higher education and the need for them to participate in our political system by telling them anything in high school other than, " If you don't wise up, you're going to spend the rest of your life living downstairs from some nut in a cheesy apartment building." Those that have been there are already nodding their heads in agreement.
Only those who have heard a loud pounding on their apartment door and opened it to find the wild-eyed guy from downstairs yelling, " If you don't turn that music down, I'm going to kill you.", even though you weren't playing any music, learn how to negotiate with hostiles.
Only those who have walked out back of their apartment building to find a fellow tenant letting the air out of the tires on your car and when confronted the offender replies, " I was going to park here.", know the true meaning of applying justice in unorthodox situations.
Only those who have gone "home" for Thanksgiving only to find all their belongings gone and a street level window at the rear of the apartment pried open when they return from the holiday know how it feels to see a guy wearing a t-shirt that looks just like one you used to own about a week later.
Only those who have gone "home" for Christmas and retuned to the apartment two weeks later and opened the refrigerator to make a sandwich, and discovered that their roommate had unplugged the refrigerator when he went home for Christmas know how so little food can rot so much.
Only those who have seen a huge roach sitting in the middle of the apartment floor and tried to stomp the roach only to see it rear up on its hind legs and actually challenge you know the real meaning of the term "final stand".
Only those who have called the apartment building landlord and complained about a leaky roof, leaky faucet, cold hot water heater, noisy neighbors, bugs, lack of heat, etc. know where the term "lip service" came from.
The list goes on and on. Compared to cheesy apartment living, military service is no less sheltered a lifestyle than high school life is. At least in the military the enemy lives in a different building than you do.
Imagine how many twenty to twenty-two year olds would hit the streets chomping at the bit to make this country and the world for that matter a better place to live in, a place where no one should have to suffer through living with " the guy in the next apartment" or the " girl with all the cats", if they had to live in a cheesy, leaky, bug infested, rip-off prone apartment building for a couple of years with temants like the ones those of us that have been there had. Heck, it motivated us to get the heck out of there and never look back, didn't it ?


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