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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Problems Are Money In The Bank:

In my lifetime, I have seen a major change in the way our society deals with domestic dissidents. The days of police and army troops clubbing striking workers (or any other troublesome group) into submission gave way to the more "sophisticated" approach of offering the leaders of dissenting groups a slice of the economic pie too large to turn down.
This approach ended disputes and added to the power base of the upper end of our movers and shakers. The problem is this approach has been used for so long that it has become "too much of a good thing " in our society.
Only a very naive person in our society today could claim not to see the "complaining for cash " system we operate under. Instead of individuals leading causes for the greater good, in most cases their goal is eventual admission to the "big boys club ".This has led to a situation in our society that encourages us to condone anything that turns a profit. Discrediting a profit turning venture is the only form of blasphemy universally recognized these days.
The by-product of this is a national attention span that is based on one thing and one thing only. people only complain until they get either money or some other form of compensation.
While this, no doubt, makes for a short-term improvement in living conditions, it does absolutely nothing to eliminate the problem that was being complained about in the first place. As a result of this cycle, problems go into hibernation; they are never eliminated. So, every decade or so, we see the exact same problems popping up and treated as if they are a big surprise.
Until we face the fact that some problems are bigger than cash or lifestlye compensation, they will never go away. If we are not willing to do that, it means that in reality we really don't care as much about the problems as we say we do. In reality, we are saving these problems to be used in the future as coupons we can redeem for cash or merchandise.


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