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Friday, December 02, 2005

What Is It ?
It is said to be the only purely American instrument.Supposedly, it was invented by a slave in Macon, Georgia, some time around the late 1830's or early 1840's. The first factory to produce these instruments out of metal was built in Eden,New York in 1916. Although the factory originally made other things along with this musical instrument, the instrument became so popular that it eventually replaced all the other items and became the only thing the factory produced.
The factory not only still produces these instruments, but all the metal versions of this instrument in the world are produced in this one factory
( an estimated 2,500,00 a year ). The same machines that produced the instruments in 1916 produces them today. The first major repair work ever done to the machines that produce these instruments was done in 1994 when the original 1916 "clutch pins" were replaced. A single 10 horsepower motor runs one of the machines that makes these instruments. The factory is capable of producing 12,000 of these instruments a day.
This instrument has been played by more people world-wide than any other instrument. It is the cheapest factory-made instrument on the planet. Most music stores do not sell this instrument. What is it ?

You only need one hint; that would be the name of the compnay, "The Original Kazoo Company". Yep, that's right; all the metal kazoos on the planet since 1916 come from the same factory in Eden, New York. Why no competition ?
Since the original 1916 machines still produce the kazoos and the machines paid for themselves many decades ago, no competitor can absorb the start-up costs that new machines would include and be able to sell their kazoos at a competitve price. That's right; there is a kazoo monopoly in America.

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