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Saturday, January 21, 2006

By Jove Holmes !
Thu, 16 Jan 2003 07:57 AM
I remember watching an old Sherlock Holmes movie years ago. At the
end of the movie when Watson asked him how he knew the suspect was
guilty Holmes said;
" Elementary my dear Watson, his silence when questioned about the
crime gave him away."
If you accidentally ( or intentionally ) erase this e-mail from
your computer and want to retrieve it at some future date there's a
good chance you can, even if you re-format your hard drive in the
I just finished reading a story about how much information remains
on your hard drive no matter what you do to it.
The story was about these two guys who started a small business
reselling used hard drives. They bought 158 of them from eBay and
used computer stores. 129 of the hard drives still worked, of those
69 still had recoverable records on them.
The files covered everything from medical and financial records ,
to love letters and porno.
The story went on to say that none of the conventional methods of
erasing a hard drives work 100%. Even if you pay an "expert" to do
it there is no guarntee.
What was really interesting was the statement that none of this is
unknown to the manufacturers of computers, they simply never talk
about it.
Kind of makes the old "Why ?" question pop up, don't it ?
To my knowledge there are no instructions that come with any new
computer that help you clean your hard drive, or any mention of the
potential dangers that failing to do it might cause.
Why would that be ? The story I read tells of the state of
Pennsylvania selling used computers, and a local reseller retrieving
files on state employees. An Arizona pharmacy sold hard drives
containing 2,000 customer files.
Did you know that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the right
to privacy does NOT apply to items that are discarded. If you sell
or throw something away it's up for grabs.
There is software on the market that does what they call
"squeezing" your hard drive, that is it writes over the entire drive
with basically nothing. You have to find it yourself, none of the
manufacturers sell it with a new computer. Why ?
Judging from this story the nations highest security risk ( as well
as your's and mine ) is probably not the boarders of this country,
but the garbage dumps and thrift stores, and our old friend eBay.
Are ya like me ? Do you find the industry's silence on this matter
suspicious .


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