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Friday, January 27, 2006

The Seducers:
Every living creature is seducible. It's only a question of what it takes to seduce them. For some, it's food; for some, it's money; for others, it's fame; for some, it's flattery; for some, it's a combination of all these.
The reason seduction is perceived to be a bad thing is because it is a generally accepted belief that those who seduce (hereafter know as The Seducers) are always up to no good.
The fragmentation in our society is a direct result of every citizen in this country allowing themselves to be seduced into believing that those they follow have their best interests at heart.
At a base level, the leaders of every movement in this country, be they conservative, liberal, independent, you name it, are basically full of crap. Their goal is to seduce as many followers as they can. I offer as proof the lack of original thought or opinion in any of these groups.
Isn't it strange how neighbors rarely know or care about the political affiliation of their other neighbors, yet they all generally get along just fine? That is until an outside "seducer" convinces them that they have problems with their fellow neighbors. Suddenly what once was a peaceful neighborhood turns into a hate factory.
The first step The Seducers take is making us believe we only thought we were all getting along, and only thought we liked each other. You will also find that The Seducers never offer proof or examples of the threat they claim your once friendly neighbors now present.
When we allow ourselves to be seduced, all sorts of bad things happen; and while we are blaming those things on the people The Seducers say we should be blaming them on, The Seducers are having one hell of a good time at our expense.

A conservative Seducer, a liberal Seducer, and an independent Seducer walk into a bar. The bartender says to them, " Good evening, Gentlemen; what do you want? "The liberal Seducer says, " I want you to demand a raise. If you don't get it, I want you to quit your job."The conservative Seducer says, " I want you to fire a few people so you can lower the price of your drinks."The independent Seducer says, " I want you to demand a raise, hire more people, and lower the price of your drinks."The bartender says, " Sorry guys; I can't do any of those things, but I can get you all a drink."
The Seducers look at each other and one of them says, " The service here stinks. Let's go somewhere where they appreciate our business."
- George-


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