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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Virtual Whittling Anyone ? ( from: Sat. March,15,2003 )
Ever see one of those old westerns were a couple of old coots are sitting in the general store with their feet up on a big barrel while they whittle and swap stories? Be honest, no matter how good the movie is, the characters we really envy are those guys.
How about the Internet as the general store, and our keyboards as the barrel? A friend of mine e-mailed a story to me.A story you may be aware of. I'll condense it, but it pretty much goes as follows:
"A lawyer buys a box of expensive cigars, and insures them against loss by fire. He smokes them, then submits a claim to the insurance company for $15,000. The company refuses to pay, so the lawyer takes them to court.
The judge says that since the policy does not exclude any type of fire, the insurance company must pay the lawyer.
As soon as the lawyer cashes the check, the insurance company has him arrested for arson. The judge finds him guilty, and sentences him to two years in jail and a $24,000 fine."
The story is reported to be true, and the winner of first prize in the Criminal Lawyers Award Contest.
When I first recieved the e-mail I felt great! What was not to like about this story? It united all of us in a common cause, lawyers getting whacked.
After a few days, my "too good to be true" gene got the best of me, so I typed "Criminal Lawyers Award Contest" into Google and hit search. 19 pages came up.
Some claimed the story to be true, but most said it was a new version of an old urban legend. The fun fact was that the pages that offered information on the contest required you to fill out forms with personal information before you could proceed ( I did not).
How much do you want to bet that some Internet carpetbagger realized just how strong our urge to put our feet up on the barrel and whittle was ?
We toss off personal information so freely, why not throw some around in exchange for a good "lawyer gets screwed story"?
He simply came up with a story anyone of us would sit at the general store all day for,just waiting for someone to walk in so we could tell it to them. The ironic thing is that it would probably take a lawyer to get him or herself out of the mess they got into once they filled in their personal information and went fishing for the "lawyer gets screwed story" .


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