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Thursday, January 19, 2006

What Do You Mean By That ?

Mon, 20 Jan 2003 7:16 AM:
Ever notice how it's getting harder and harder to understand
clearly what someone on television or the radio is saying ?
Maybe that's because we've combined too many words and lumped them
together in such a way that most of the time the person speaking is
the only one who knows exactly what they are trying to say.
What's that you say ? My message is not clear ?
O.K.,here's an example. Take the words "cheap" and "inexpensive"
to most of us they mean the same thing.Maybe they do;maybe they
The dictionary defines "cheap" as : costing little;it also
describes it as:of little value.
These two definitons could cause confusion depending on how they
were used.
(If you bought a Mercedes for $1500 it would cost little,but not
necessarily be of little value.)
The dictionary also defines the word "inexpensive" as: not
expensive,cheap,low priced.
Please note that the definition of "inexpensive" includes the word
"cheap". Ah,but which definition of the word "cheap" ?
( Now that $1500 Mercedes "might" cost little,or it "might " be of
little value.)
In that same dictionary the word "might" is referred to as : the
past tense of "may",and (hold onto your hats) "may" is referred
to as:the past tense of "might".
Head spinning yet ? Sorry I tried to make this as "clear" as
clear: 1a. not cloudy, misty, or hazy;bright;light.
Ex. a clear day. A clear sky is free of clouds.
b. bright,lustrous; shining.
c. serene; calm.
Ex. His brow grew clear as the blue sky above him(Bulwer-Lytton)
2. easy to see through; transparent.
Ex. clear glass.
3. having a pure, even color.
Ex. a clear blue.
4. easily seen, heard, or understood; not confused;
plain; distinct.
Ex. a clear voice; (Figurative.) a clear idea, a clear
text. He gave a clear account of the accident.
(SYN) evident, obvious, manifest apparent,patent.
5. free from blemishes.
Ex. Healthy babies have clear skin.
6. sure; certain.
Ex. It is clear that it is going to rain. ( Figurative.)
I am clear in my own mind that I should give up the plan.
7. not blocked or obstructed; open.
Ex. There is a clear view of the sea from the hill.
8. not touching; not being caught.
Ex. The ship was clear of the iceberg.
9. (Figurative.) free from blame or guilt; innocent.
Ex. a clear conscience. The police thought the man was a
thief, but they learned that he was clear.
10. (Figurative.) free from debts or charges.
Ex. He made a clear profit after taking money out to pay
taxes and expenses. (SYN) net.
If none of these definitons do it for you,don't worry. There are many dozens more,making "clear" clearly one of the most defined words in the dictionary.


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