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Thursday, February 09, 2006

There Are No Good Songs.
Sat, 18 Jan 2003 09:08:01
Even though nothing mankind has ever achieved has ever been the
result of one person, the way we are obesssed with personal
recognition says a lot about us. It tends to fall into a unique category we all help perpetuate. That is , even though we all know it takes an army of people to get an idea from one individual's head out into the world we live in, we all pretend that one person did it all.
Maybe that's because we all figure that if we do that, we'll each get a shot at being admired for something we do, or maybe it's simply because we never really grow up, and everything we do is just a complicated version of the shows we put on in the back yard when we were kids.
Recently, Paul McCartney let it be known that he would like to change the song writing credits on some Beatles songs to McCartney-Lennon, instead of the Lennon-McCartney the world recognizes.
How many people on the face of the planet have more personal
recognition than Paul McCartney ?
It doesn't bother me that he wants to make the change, but it seem that if he is going to take that route, he is opening the door to a few questions.
Does the world know Paul because of the orginal ideas he had in his head for those Beatle songs, or the records that ended up being the only version we ever heard
If the records are what became famous then everyone who effected the final result actually deserves part of the song writing credit.Between the ideas in his head and the final records there were other musicians, studio engineers, a producer ( George Martin ), promotion people, factories that made the records, and many others all of whom had an effect on the sound of the records that became famous.
Even though they all played a vital role, none of us really expect all of them to get credit for the end result. That would be way too complicated.
However, a long time ago somebody with more insight than me said it best. " There are no good songs, just good records."
By the way this e- mail is not about Paul McCartney per se.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

personally, i'm about as sick of paul mcartney as micheal jackson...nevertheless, it has been said that 'the greatest battle we face is the battle with self' just look at the way it's played out around us...good blog i like the article on the shipwreck, thats how i stumbled on your rant.

5:33 PM  

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