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Monday, March 27, 2006

"I Met An American"
by: George Corneliussen
Originally Written 5/11/04

Last weekend we pulled into a Meijer's gas
station,it was in the lot of a Meijer's store.I
filled up,got back in our vehicle, and turned
the key.Click,dead battery!I had a plug in
battery charger with me, so I asked the folks
working at Meijer's if I could plug it in and
charge my battery enough to get our vehicle
Long story short,they said no.I could buy a new
battery from the main store, but charging my
battery was out of the question. It was too much
of a potential liability.Couldn't I just go away?
At the risk of being labeled a profiler,I'll say
that everyone at the Meijer's store looked like
they were born and raised in the U.S.
Across the street was a Shell station,I walked
over.The station was managed by a middle eastern
man who gave us more help than you would
believe. Long story short,he let us charge our
battery. When the charge didn't work he drove
his car over to our vehicle and gave us a jump.
When the jump didn't work he drove us home so we
could get our checkbook and buy a new battery.
We drove our other car back so he didn't have be
bothered. All together he spent about two hours
with us. As I was hooking up our new battery I
heard my wife talking to someone; it was our new
friend he was back. He wanted to make sure we
were O.K.
Not until the new battery started our vehicle
did he shake hands one last time and leave. My
wife offered to at least pay for the gas he
burned up running us around,he refused.
Between all the things he did to help us we
talked to him about many things. He was born in
Egypt. He became an American citizen ten years
ago.He said America's system might not be
perfect, but it was the best one he had ever
lived in.He said he was worried about how his
fellow American's seemed to be freely giving up
the freedoms that made America great.He was
puzzled and bothered by the number of native
born Americans who didn't know their own
history.He made it clear how much he cared about
In short, he was everything you would expect an
American to be. His name was Hany and he was
born in Egypt.
PS:I bought my new battery at Auto Zone, not
Meijer's, guess where I'm buying my gas from now
Apathy: a state of mind caused by lack of
participation by that mind .


Anonymous Anonymous said...

God bless Hany.

5:29 PM  

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