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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

ANALOGY (from Wed. Feb. 12, 2003 )

Analogy: 1. a likeness in some ways between things that are
otherwise unlike; similarity.
2. comparison of such things.

Are you searching for a way to describe the way the current world situation makes you feel ?
Would you feel better if you could express that feeling of being where you belong, but also feeling like you are terribly out of place?
Would you like to express that frightning feeling of knowing that something is terribly wrong, but nobody seems to notice it but you ?
Would you like to describe that stomach turning feeling of wanting to get out of a situation before someone notices you, and something terrible happens to you ?
Try this for an analogy:
Remember that dream where you suddenly realize that you're at school, and you're only wearing your underwear ? That one pretty much covers all the bases.


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