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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Murder Of Convenience by George Corneliussen

You may or may not hear about his story in the media in your part of the country. Even if you don't, this will no doubt be the saddest story you've heard in a long time.
Two weeks ago, Liz Carroll passed out in a public park outside of Cincinnati. When she awoke, she made a 911 call. When rescuers arrived on the scene Ms. Carroll was treated. At that time, she claimed that her three children plus her 3-year-old foster child ( Marcus Fiesel ) were with her. The rescue workers did find her three children, but they did not find her 3-year-old foster child.
Ms. Carroll made a plea for the rescue workers to find young Marcus. Within hours, a televised news conference was held at which time Ms. Carroll pleaded with viewers to help find her child. Although no traces of Marcus was found, hundreds of volunteers searched the area for days.
For two weeks the entire Cincinnati area was on alert and searching for Marcus Fiesel. Yesterday Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters held a press conference to announced what his office had discovered the truth surrounding the disappearance of Marus Fiesel. Rather than tell you what the truth about young Marcus' dissappearance was, I'll let you read excerpts from Cincinnati Enquirer reporter Sharon Coolidge's story that appeared in the paper today.__________________________________________________
"Marcus left in closet, burned " 3-year-old's foster parents accused of locking him up while they went to reunion By Sharon Coolidge / Enquirer Staff Writer (Tuesday, August 29, 2006)
Marcus Fiesel's foster parents knew all along their missing boy was dead, say Hamilton County prosecutors.
They knew, prosecutors say, because Liz and David Carroll Jr. left the 3-year-old alone for two days in a locked closet while they attended a family reunion. They knew because David Carroll later burned and hid Marcus' body.
They knew even as they cried before TV cameras, begging the community to help them find the missing boy.
Everyone was aware, everyone covered up," said Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters at a press conference, flanked by Hamilton County Sheriff Simon Leis and Clermont County Prosecutor Don White.
"It really is one of the most heartless things I've ever seen," Deters said. "The bottom line is you wouldn't treat a dog like this."
Leis added, "In my 35 years involved in law enforcement, this is the worst I've seen."
A Hamilton County grand jury indicted the Carrolls on Monday on charges of involuntary manslaughter and two charges of child endangering, one for putting Marcus' safety at risk, the other for excessive restraint over a prolonged period of time.
David Carroll Jr., 35, also was charged with gross abuse of a corpse, accused of burning the body in Brown County.
Deters said those charges are preliminary, meant to hold the Carrolls during the investigation.
He said more serious charges are expected.
Both are being held in the Hamilton County Justice Center
Prosecutors say they believe the boy's body was burned in Brown County and the remains were later dumped in or near the Ohio River.
Investigators spent Monday evening searching for Marcus' remains in Brown County at a two-story stone chimney, all that's left of a home on Marriott Road that burned years ago, said the owner of the property.
" We never smelled any smoke," said Mike Cales, 37, owner of the 85-acre property. His home is on the opposite side of the property from the chimney.
But he smelled smoke late Monday as he hovered near the chimney after investigators left.
Thousands of people searched for Marcus since Aug. 15, when Liz Carroll said she fainted in Juilfs Park in Anderson Township and Marcus wandered off.
That same day Marcus had an appointment with Women, Infants and Children, a health and nutritional program for low-income children under the age of 5.
As the days slipped by there was no sign of the little boy, who was placed in the Carrolls' care in April because Marcus was found wandering in the street the night of April 22. The Carrolls were paid $1,000 a month to care for the little boy, who was developmentally delayed and suffered from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. He had the mental capacity of a 12- to 18-month old.
Liz Carroll told The Enquirer on Aug. 21 that neither she nor her husband hurt Marcus.
As time went by, authorities grew suspicious of the Carrolls.
A break came Monday after the case went to a grand jury, Deters said.
He said investigators gathered information that showed the couple left their Union Township rental home the afternoon of Friday, Aug. 4, for Liz Carroll's family reunion in Williamstown, Ky., leaving Marcus in a small closet inside a playpen-type crib with no food or water, just an electric fan.
"They intentionally left him there," Deters said.
The Carrolls returned home at 7 a.m. Sunday to find Marcus dead, Deters said.
David Carroll Jr. then took Marcus' body to an abandoned house in Brown County and burned it, Deters said.
Four days later the Carrolls told a caseworker Marcus was ill, turning her away, Deters said. That gave them five days to cook up the tale they told in Juilfs Park.
Authorities said the hoax ultimately worked against them because they started to contradict themselves in their public statements.
These are my words:
If we can tear ourselves away from the sensational aspects of 3-year-old Marcus Fiesel's tragic death long enough to look at the big picture, we will see traces of blame in all of us.
We have dismantled just about every social obligation we have, not only as a community, but as a nation, and replaced them with window-dressing that does a lousy job, but relieves us of any guilt we might feel about what it is we no longer have the time to be bothered with..
Do we really care about protecting the innocent ? Can a murdered human being be more innocent than 3-year-old Marcus was ? Simply seeking revenge against Liz and David Carroll Jr. will be a slap in the face to the memory of young Marcus. This horrible, tragic event is an opportunity to look ourselves in the face and ask ourselves, " Whose fault is this?". I know that even though I do not personally know anyone involved in this case, I feel guilt over the fact that this has happened. The time for change has come, and young Marcus Fiesel has paid the ultimate price to provide the opportunity for it.

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Anonymous Lloyd said...

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7:46 PM  
Anonymous Pilot Shop said...

Absolutely unbelievable!!!

I am surprised that I did not hear of this in Michigan. Just as bad as that woman in Florida.

On top of the abuse, these people have foster children? Where are the powers that ensure that foster homes are in fact safe environments for our children????

Sad truths.

2:55 PM  

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